About Us

Wristbands Direct is a division of Promo Direct, one of the UK’s leading branded promotional goods specialists. Our mission is simple: to deliver the most comprehensive range of promotional lanyards available – quickly, and at the best possible prices.

We understand your custom wristbands needs

We have over three decades’ experience working with customers ranging from charities and SMEs to universities and multinational brand leaders. It’s fair to say: branded merchandising is in our DNA.

Our extensive portfolio of premiums includes clothing and confectionery, tools and timepieces, umbrellas, electronic devices and much more. Plus, our regular repeat customers include many names you’ll recognise: Primark, Morrisons, NHS, Time Out, Barr Soft Drinks, and Heathrow Airport

The secret to our longevity, and to our commercial success, is really no secret at all. We build our business around the needs of our clients, meeting (and usually surpassing) their demands and expectations. We develop and fine-tune a range of branded merchandise for (almost) every commercial application.

We understand the important role that promotional merchandise plays in your marketing strategy – as both a branding and awareness tool. And we leverage our proven supply chain – which spans mainland Europe, Asia and the Far East. Thus, delivering the right product at the right time. And at the right price.

Established facilities all over the world equip us to personalise and produce the most diverse range of premiums, incentives and corporate giveaways. All whilst passing on the most attractive scale economies.

Smooth and fast order

To streamline the ordering and production tracking and management processes, we place at your disposal a London-based account manager. They’ll work closely with you and your designers – proactively advising on design, print techniques and the right materials choice.

  • Your dedicated account manager will provide you with an immutable deadline – a completion date on which you can depend.
  • They’ll advise you when your goods are dispatched – which you can be sure will be on (or more likely before) the date promised.
  • They’ll ensure that your finished wristbands and other branded merchandise transcend your expectations – and achieve your commercial goals.
  • Finally they’ll follow up – to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied. And that you’ll be joining our continually growing base of repeat customers.

It’s this unique level of commitment to our customers that has helped us to develop into one of the most successful promotional wristband suppliers in the industry. And we have big plans for the future.

We have the branding know-how

Led by founder, CEO and branded goods industry veteran Simon Baskind, we’ll continue to support our customers with ever more creative solutions, and ever more sophisticated manufacturing, logistics and customer care systems. We ensure ‘on time every time’ delivery, in quantities ranging from tens to tens of thousands. And absolute consistency of product quality – from the first off the line to the last out of the box.

Don’t hesitate to call us – for a personalised quotation, a free sample, or simply to chat through your particular event needs! We’re more than happy to help.